September 05, 2018

ScribeCanada Healthcare Expands Medical Scribe Services to New Outpatient Specialties, Improving Care Team Efficiency and Patient Outcomes throughout Canada

With physician burnout a major concern for healthcare organizations in Canada, ScribeCanada Healthcare provides electronic medical record documentation and ancillary workflow support to providers, reducing clerical burden and freeing providers to operate top-of-license.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – September 6, 2018 – Healthcare services provider ScribeCanada Healthcare, a sister company of ScribeAmerica – draws from over two decades of expertise and insights tackling physician burnout in over 2,600+ hospitals and medical groups across North America and Australia.

The ScribeCanada Physician Navigator programme originally launched in Emergency Departments in the Greater Toronto Area to provide integrated, ancillary support to healthcare providers and care teams, later expanding to provide additional documentation support through expansion into medical scribe services. Today, scribe solutions have expanded to outpatient health systems. With success improving workflow and increasing provider efficiency in the Emergency Department, ScribeCanada has developed a collaborative strategy to address the unique needs of outpatient care delivery.

“As a new generation of providers enters the healthcare system with expectations for work-life balance, it is integral to have interventions in place across care settings to prevent provider burnout,” says ScribeCanada Healthcare CEO, Dr. Michael Murphy. “As an ED doctor myself, I am aware of the meaningful practice of medicine, and how it is at risk with increased electronic medical records turning providers into clerical experts.”

ScribeCanada deploys full turn-key physician navigator and medical scribe programmes, tailored to healthcare organizations where provider burnout has become a growing concern. In today’s complex, digitized healthcare environment, administrative duties and regulations are commonly recognized as a leading cause of decreased productivity, negatively impacting provider retention and left unchecked patient health outcomes. ScribeCanada provides a highly skilled workforce of medical scribes to work elbow-to-elbow with providers documenting patient encounters within the EMR.

With increased administrative burden, providers are being pulled away from the bedside and spending long hours completing charts after work. With medical scribes, the result is increased accuracy of documentation, and a dramatic reduction in the hours physicians spend reviewing charts and correcting errors. Medical scribes contribute qualified support to alleviate the clerical burden that reduces job satisfaction, productivity and ultimately leads to providers retiring early, putting Canadians’ health at risk.

About ScribeCanada Healthcare

ScribeCanada HealthCare hires, trains and manages medical scribe programmes throughout Canada. Medical scribes are a viable, tested and clinically validated solution to bring clinicians back to the “bedside,” driving productivity and improving patient care. ScribeCanada Healthcare is a sister company to ScribeAmerica, the leading provider of medical scribes in the United States and a subsidiary of HealthChannels.

About HealthChannels

HealthChannels is a group of highly specialized companies helping providers usher in the new era of healthcare. ScribeCanada, ScribeAmerica, ScribeAustralia, QueueLogix, and CareThrough collectively meet the full range of increasingly complex healthcare data and documentation needs, improving clinical outcomes through highly-skilled clerical support. The leader in medical scribes, patient navigation and back-office coding and billing coordination, HealthChannels trains and manages more than 15,000 employees across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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