The Future of Healthcare Demands Agile Strategies to Achieve Success

Provider burnout increasingly disrupts care team workflows and negatively affects patient health. The growing number of providers reporting burnout calls for a strategic solution to meet the demand for care team support. Our proven, tailored model of medical scribe programs spans across Canadian provinces and territories, with a reliable presence from our headquarters in Toronto. In partnership with HealthChannels, ScribeCanada utilizes the solutions and expertise of a leading medical scribe company with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

As your strategic partner, our clients are better able to meet the demand for individualized, personal approach to providing quality healthcare. At ScribeCanada Healthcare we hire and train medical scribes in the importance of accurate documentation. Our senior leaders track progress and improve ROI in the first year of partnership. By supporting the key functions of Emergency Medicine, Inpatient, Outpatient and Post-Acute services, ScribeCanada medical scribes improve workflow and boost the bottom line for your healthcare organization.


“Before I worked with ScribeCanda Healthcare I wasn’t sure if medical scribe support was right for my practice. I’m glad I made the call and spoke with a strategist. I learned that scribes programs are customized to suit our care team needs. Today, we see more patients, in less time.”
At ScribeCanada Healthcare we have evolved the role of a medical scribe to include ancillary duties as well as documentation at the point of care. With scribes assisting with non-clinical tasks, providers are free to work top-of-license.


“I am consistently impressed by the level of quality control and ROI analysis that goes into every report. Having the tools to review metrics easily and to see the efficacy of our scribe program streamlines our review process of the scribe program on a monthly basis.”
Our regional management team provides personalized support and creates Quality Assurance Plans to verify the interactions between medical scribes and providers deliver on the metrics that matter to your practice. We review all aspects of your medical scribe program on a weekly basis to quickly make adjustments to your scribe program without downtime or missed shifts.


“My doctor added a medical scribe in the office recently and I can tell from the staff to the nurses that scribes make their lives easier. I always felt they needed a few extra hands on deck. I’m glad there’s a scribe assisting my doctor so she doesn’t have to sit behind the computer.”
Patient engagement impacts overall health outcomes and care quality. Our partners transform overworked care teams, regain time and the agility to accomplish more throughout the day.

A comprehensive solution tailored to fit your needs.

As the publisher of the first medical scribe text book, our specialty-specific training remains the standard in the industry. Our talented medical scribes are healthcare-focused, pursuing careers in medicine. From our in-person solutions to virtual TeleScribes, partners everywhere rely on ScribeCanada Healthcare to implement medical scribe programs. With experience in numerous sub-specialties, we tailor our scribe solutions to fit your practice’s needs. Whether in-person or virtual, ScribeCanada is the leader in medical scribe solutions.

Dedicated Expertise

We have a dedicated team of experts – our Business Development Team – that work alongside our partners to tailor a program that fits their unique needs. Let us show you the ScribeCanada difference.
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