January 09, 2024

ScribeCanada Formally Announces Expansion of Services for Canadian Providers

High-quality in-person scribe, TeleScribe, and ambient AI services offered across more than 80 medical specialties

VANCOUVER, BC – ScribeCanada is pleased to announce the expansion of medical scribe services in Canada. With a focus on providing exceptional in-person and virtual medical scribe services as well as ambient AI solutions, ScribeCanada aims to alleviate physician burnout and clerical burdens by providing a suite of best-in-class scribe solutions. 

“We are thrilled to extend the impact of the highest quality medical scribe solutions on the market to Canadian physicians,” said Tony Andrulonis, President of ScribeCanada. “As the market leader, we understand the challenges healthcare providers face regarding clinical documentation and non-clinical burdens. ScribeCanada is well positioned to provide flexible solutions to help healthcare professionals focus on what matters most – delivering quality care to their patients.”

By integrating with local care teams, ScribeCanada’s services ensure the highest quality documentation and provider support. Healthcare organizations partnering with ScribeCanada benefit from improved efficiency, documentation accuracy, and meaningful reduction in provider burnout. ScribeCanada is the only organization with the ability to offer the full suite of solutions, in-person scribes, TeleScribes, and ambient AI services that can be customized to fit the unique needs of individual clients.

“Partnering with ScribeCanada has been invaluable as we continue to focus on supporting our physicians and returning the focus to excellent patient care,” says Dr. Alan Azuelos MD CCFP, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine at Jewish General Hospital, “ScribeCanada scribes are a crucial part of our emergency clinical teams and the integration was seamless.”

As the sister company of ScribeAmerica, ScribeCanada benefits from the expertise and resources of the leader in the medical scribe industry.  For over twenty years ScribeCanada and ScribeAmerica have served thousands of healthcare providers in both human and veterinary medicine. 

To learn more about ScribeCanada and its suite of services, please visit www.scribecanada.com. 

About ScribeCanada:ScribeCanada is a leading provider of medical scribe and ambient AI documentation services in Canada.  ScribeCanada aims to reduce provider burnout, increase provider efficiency and allow healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality patient care while also creating a better care experience for their patients. As the sister company of ScribeAmerica, ScribeCanada benefits from more than 2 decades of experience and resources in the medical scribe industry.