November 15, 2015

ScribeAmerica announces acquisition of Southern California-based Essia Health

ScribeAmerica builds on its reputation as the industry’s leading medical scribe provider through latest acquisition of Essia Health.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – November 13, 2015 – ScribeAmerica is pleased to announce the acquisition of Essia Health. The Woodland Hills, CA medical scribe company adds more than 50 additional locations to ScribeAmerica’s portfolio of over 1,100 locations nationwide.

Since it’s founding in 2011, Essia has established itself as a trusted partner to more than 50 clients through offering scribe management services. Additionally, Essia is relied on for their expertise in a range of EMR platforms and technologies.

“The acquisition of Essia Health allows us to expand our reach on the west coast and other key regions,” said ScribeAmerica’s founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Murphy. “Not only are we adding more than 50 new scribe programs to our portfolio, we are strengthening our expertise through the knowledgeable team members we are gaining, allowing us to continue to build on services to meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare professional.”

In 2015, ScribeAmerica acquired Southern California-based Medical Scribe Systems, Virginia-based eScribe and now Essia Health in Woodland Hills, CA.

Along with the three acquisitions this year, ScribeAmerica also introduced a range of new services including a care coordination module and real-time point of service coding platform, LiveCode. These new services allow the company to meet the needs of a rapidly-evolving healthcare landscape.

About ScribeAmerica
ScribeAmerica was established in 2004 as a clinical documentation solution for providers transitioning to the electronic medical record (EMR). The company’s focus on improving the accuracy and quality of patient documentation has resulted in higher patient satisfaction scores, improved revenue cycle, and better continuity of care. The company recruits, trains, and manages over 9,000 scribes in over 1,100 locations nationwide.

Justin Wilson, Director of Communications and Business Strategy
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